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The Chart Doctor

Charts & Music Preparation


Secure the tools of your trade. Artists need not be at the mercy of airlines misplacing thousands of dollars worth of charts. Have your working repertoire recopied and stored digitally so that lost charts are only an email away.


This is Caviar’s pet term for sorting that chart that over the decades has become a lantana of scribbled pencil, ink, coffee stains, instructions to “take this or that ending” alongside instructions to “NOT take this or that ending” and codas that resemble “The Somme”. Most artists have at least one in the pack. By all means keep it for posterity but for humanity’s sake let us recopy it exactly as you want it for a surprisingly small fee.


You may want to resurrect a chart you paid good money for some time back but the key no longer suits you. At a fraction of the cost of a personalised arrangement we can transpose to make it useful again.


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