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Recording & Production

It’s all about the song. Every piece of music has its own unique essence. Caviar can provide expert guidance and results from the time you conceive a project to having the finished product in your hand and digitally available world wide.

Original concept to marketplace, we can help you every step of the way.

Decades of performing diverse music in live venues has given us a handle on what makes a song work. We can make suggestions if need be to give the song more impact and structure. If requested we also offer full co-writing services to bring the track to fruition or even complete songs to overcome the dreaded writers block.
Gavin and Peter have each performed countless recording sessions over the years as players. Also they have prepared the music in whatever format necessary as “arrangers” to enable other musicians to make the session productive and musical. Having access to the best players available and giving them the right information to perform with means more efficient studio time and therefore valuable savings for you.
At our facility on the Central Coast we provide a relaxed and comfortable studio environment with cutting edge technology in digital and analogue recording. Where geography is a problem we work in tandem with a handful of select studios in Sydney and Newcastle to make your project less of a headache.
Certain genres of music are more “programming based” than others and indeed some demo projects may be on a tight budget. We offer top quality programming with superb VST instruments, keyboards and modules. State of the art sound libraries for drums, percussion, bass, Rhodes / Wurlitzer, pads, soundscapes, big band, orchestral and small chamber groups.
Caviar offers a full mastering service to give your mix impact, clarity and sparkle. You will be amazed how we can make a great mix sound even better. This vital stage of the process also sorts the track order, track spacing, “normalises” sound levels and readies the product for commercial release.


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